ZY1280P USB Tester Digital Display Color Screen Current Voltage Capacity Tester with Fast Charge Protocol QC4+PD3.0/2.0 PPS Detection YZX Studio Supports QC to PD Individual MicroUSB Power Port USB Upgrade PC Upper Computer Purple

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The USB Tester ZY1280P is a multifunctional current, voltage and capacity tester. It features 1.8-inch large color screen, high precision measuring wire resistance, full protocol power-free automatic protocol detection, QC4, QC4+ and PPS fast charge protocol trigger, etc, which brings you a whole new experience. A perfect tool for DIY fancier. 


1.8-inch large color screen, bigger screen in similar size, one screen display different specifications.

Long service life Japan ALPS dual buttons.

Excellent performance of CPU processing. 

Individual MicroUSB power input port(test from 0V).

No need to buy another root cable, you can DIY the startup picture through connecting computer by Micro USB port.

Supports USB upgrade and upper computer connection to draw curve PD capture.

Maximum/Minimum value display of current, voltage and power.

Supports auto detect QC4.0 and PPS; supports 0.02V stepping trigger of QC4-PPS; supports QC to PD.

Voltage and current curve painting with sample rate up to 100 samples per second.

High precision measuring wire resistance: Two mode of wire resistance test, 4 Wire Kelvin and Voltage Drop.

Full protocol power-free automatic protocol detection, the list shows almost all fast chargers supported by the charger.

High accuracy measurement, the accuracy can tend to 0.00001A.

All female ports are fully built in, and the terminals are not protruding and are not easily damaged.

PD2.0 and PD3.0 fast charge protocol list and trigger supported.


*Do not access any equipment that can't withstand high voltage. Fast Charge Trigger may request high voltage output. Output of 9V is able to burn most of cell phones that are not supports fast charge!

**Due to all the ports of USB meter(includes the input ports of Micro USB and Type-C) will have a high voltage output after fast charge trigger is on. Do not access any equipments that can't withstand high voltage like the USB on computer, or the equipment will be burned.

***Adjusting current or voltage on your own is not recommended. You can choose default settings if you think the value is not correct.


Model Type: ZY1280P

Color: Purple

Screen: 1.8 inches TFT

Resolution: 160*128 pixels

Com Port: USB2.0

Input Port: A-Male, M-Female, C-Female

Output Port: A-Female, C-Female

Connection: Micro USB

VOOCDASH: Original Cable * 2 

Fast Charger Trigger: Support

PD Trigger: Support

PD Direct Connection: Support

Internal Resistance: <32mΩ

Power Consumption: 19mA(screen-on); 3mA(screen-off)

Item size: 72* 34* 10mm / 2.83* 1.34*0.39in

Item weight: 25g / 0.88oz

Package size: 88* 60 * 18mm / 3.46 * 2.36 * 0.71in

Package weight: 56g / 1.98oz


Voltage Range: 3.5-24V, ultimate withstand voltage 28V

Voltage Resolution: 0.0001V (18bit), some models open 1.28 seconds integral can reach 0.00001V

Current Range: Continuous positive and negative 0-5A, with display current direction

Current Resolution: 0.0001A (18bit), some models open 1.28 seconds points can reach 0.00001A

Refresh Rate: Normal interface 0.36 seconds, high speed interface 10FPS

Capacity Range: 0-99999Ah 0-99999Wh

Capacity Resolution: 0.0001Ah 0.0001Wh (0.1mAh 0.1mWh)

Time Range: 1000 hours, accurate to 1 second

Model ZY1280P ZY1276P
Screen 1.8 inches TFT 1.44 inches TFT
Resolution 160*128 128*128
Com Port USB2.0 USB2.0
Input Port A-Male, M-Female, C-Female A-Male, M-Female, C-Female
Output Port A-Female, C-Female A-Female, C-Famle
Online Mode MicroUSB Optional BT
FastCharge Trigger yes  yes
PD Trigger yes yes
PD Direct Connect yes yes
FastCharge Direct Connection yes     yes
VOOCDASH Requires original cable*2  Requires original cable*2
Upgrade MicroUSB ST-LINK
Voltage Accuracy 0.1%+2d 0.1%+2d
Current Accuracy 0.1%+2d 0.1%+2d
Internal Resistance <32mΩ <32mΩ
Power consumption(screen-on) 19mA 17mA
Power consumption(screen-off) 3mA 2mA

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1 * USB Tester

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