Digital Adjustable Single Phase In Universal Frequency Drive High Speed High Suitability Vector Motor Variable Inverter FLD100

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  • Package Weight : 1758.25g

  • Package Width : 23cm

  • Package Height : 19.5cm

  • Package Length: 23.5 cm

Made of fine quality frequency converter has fine durability and long service life. It has fine performance and strong function. Human design keyboard with proper and clear digital display screen is easy to operate. Fine heat dissipation system can extend the service life. Drive board is waterproof, dampproof and electrostatic conservation.


Control mode is SPWM, very easy to use and convenient.

Protection functions are very strong.

Fin over-heat protection.

Overload protection.

Fuse protection.

Restart after instant stop, stall protection.

Powerful function.

Large application range, designed for numerical control machine, universal which can meet your various needs.

Made of fine material has fine durability and fine performance.

Low noise, carrier frequency is 1.0KHz-16.0KHz which can decrease the noise utmostly.

Automatic KV stabilization, you can choose different ways by needs.

Fast start and stop response, large torque at low speed.

Frequency converter maximum output rate 400hz.

Simple to operate and wire, connect to wires after removing screws.

It has fine anti-trip performance and ability to adapt to rough power, temperature, humidity and dust interference, greatly improved stability.

Large heat sink and high-efficiency integrated fan for better heat dissipation and safer use.

Uses distinctive control method to realize high torque, fine precision and wide speed regulating range driving, with perfect performance.


Power: 0.75kw, 1.5kw, 2.2kw (optional)

Voltage: 110V, 220V (optional)

Name: Variable Inverter

Model: FLD100

Rated Current: 7A/3.5A

Voltage: one phase 110V/220V

Package Weight: 1750g / 3.86lb

Item Size: 167 * 132 * 102mm / 6.57 * 5.20 * 4.02in

Package size: 235 * 230 * 195mm / 9.25 * 9.06 * 7.68in

Package List:

1 * Variable Inverter

1 * Manual

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