Calibrator Tester Resistance Current Voltmeter Signal Generator Source Process Calibrator

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  • Package Weight : 430.43g

  • Package Width : 16cm

  • Package Height : 5.5cm

  • Package Length: 16 cm

HTG820B small size, powerful functions, all the basic functions have corresponding keys, no longer need to scramble, insert the wrong jack.


Increase disposable fast blow fuse, to avoid false instrument damage caused by voltage 220V plug.

All functions all use internal electronic switch, input and output has a corresponding button.

Two connector terminals can be used regardless of input and output. It is easy to operate.

In addition to having a conventional signal input and output functions,resistance, PT100.Cu50 RTD, thermocouple eight kinds of signals can be input and output, measure negative temperature.

The sensitivity of thermal resistance and resistance to external excitation output current is reduced. Increase the output and the measurement accuracy. For both constant and non-constant resistance measurement method, expanding the usage of the instrument.


Model: HTG820B

Color: Black

Item weight: 200g / 7.1ounce

Item size: 120 * 80 * 25mm / 4.7 * 3.1 * 1.0in

Package weight: 420g / 0.9lb 

Package size: 160 * 160 * 55mm / 6.3 * 6.3 * 2.2in

Package list:

1 * Calibrator

1Pair  * Pair Test Pen 

1 * USB line 

1 * Carrying Box 

1 * User Manual

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